Planned Features

This list should be considered as a wishlist, not a roadmap.

Depending on technical or legal implications, it is possible that not all features will be implemented

General Ideas

  • Parse preset information from Vendors which do not use standard VST preset implementation, which are virtually all
  • Duplicate Detection (might be difficult to implement for some plugins)
  • Tagging based on preset names (fuzzy search)
  • Audio Preview in GUI
  • Assign and edit parameter pages
  • Allow filtering the preset list by name
  • Allow mass selection/deselection of the export flag
  • Add button to remove all unusable plugins
  • Research if NKS audio previews are allowed for effects
  • Different bank support (MIDI/FXP?)
  • Create automatic mappings for sound libraries

Crazy Ideas

  • KVR Audio has a library of free presets. Browse from PresetMagician, directly load into VST and see if there's a nice preset