Open Source

Open Source

I now have released PresetMagician as open source under the MIT license. Without many people financing development, PresetMagician wouldn't be what it is today. All license checks and restrictions are now removed. My hope is that individuals and companies contribute code, adding support for more plugins and implementing new features.

The source code is available on GitHub


When I (Felicia) started development on PresetMagician, I didn't wanted to make it open-source. There were several reasons for that:

  • Having experience with my previous popular project PartKeepr, I realized that open source is not only about creating the code, but also about giving support, managing and implementing feature requests and fixing bugs. Open Source is something that can keep a person occupied in their free time, eventually taking up so much time that it is like an (unpaid) second job.
  • Since software development, project management and support is time consuming, I hoped to finance part of the time being spent on the project.
  • The goal was never to create a product which was commercially viable. In fact I would have to charge more than 200€ per license given the current user base. Instead, I was very happy that at least part of the development was financed using pre-sale licenses, although it did only cover roughly 2% of the spent effort (compared to a regular job with usual wages)


I'm struggling with health issues for a long time. Due to a recent breakdown, I had to reduce stress which led to development being stopped. When I started the project, I communicated that if for whatever reason I can't put any effort into PresetMagician, I'll make it open source. And that's what happened.

Of course, you might say: "Don't stress yourself". However, many sources of stress comes from external sources. Here are some examples of stress which were created because I did the project:

  • People simply not reading text. Complaints like the software is crashing and not reading what software in an alpha state is or ignoring the note in the pre-sale popup which says Important: Please use the trial license to test the functionality first, especially if your plugins are supported and if all presets are correctly read!
  • Complaints that the license is not being sent immediately after sending money via PayPal, even though it is clearly stated in the popup that it might take a few days
  • Rude behavior and even attempts trying to flirt with me
  • Paying for a license without even trying out the software first
  • And, of course, there's the stress I made myself - trying to fix bugs as soon as possible, providing the best support I could.