0.6.3 Alpha (2019-06-07)

New Features

  • Added experimental real-time audio preview in the preset editor with support for MIDI.


  • Fixed a performance issue when a VST plugin does many API calls. This should fix the Omnisphere audio preview issue.

Vendor-specific preset parsers:

  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere: Libraries which are directly placed below the Presets/Multis directories should now be recognized correctly

0.6.2 Alpha (2019-05-12)


  • Removing plugins and their associated presets should now be much faster
  • Standard VST parsers are shown with a yellow "is supported" checkmark to indicate that it may or may not work. Also added a hint to the tooltip regarding this.
  • Added an offline issue report feature to allow reporting bugs with no internet connectivity or other issue reporting failures


  • Fixed a bug where audio previews aren't generated correctly with multi-output plugins (example: Omnisphere)
  • NI Resources are now placed in the second directory which is required to show images on the hardware

Vendor-specific preset parsers:

  • Added:
    • Arturia: B-3 V2, CZ V, Mellotron, Synthi V
    • Reveal Sound: Spire v1.1

0.6.1 Alpha (2019-04-22)

Vendor-specific preset parsers:

  • Added:
    • Roland Cloud: D-50, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, JV-1080, JX-3P, Promars, SH-101, SH-2, System-1, System-8, System-100, TB-303, TR-808, TR-909, SRX Dance Trax, SRX Orchestra, SRX World, SRX Keyboards
    • IMPORTANT: The TB-303 plugin crashes often and didn't load once in Maschine for me.
  • Changed:
    • Spectrasonics Omnisphere: Added logging which library is being scanned. Also if a library cannot be scanned, an error is logged and scanning will continue with the remaining libraries.


  • Changed the mechanism to decide when metadata needs to be updated. Also added an icon to indicate that a metadata scan is required
  • When a plugin has multiple DLL files in different locations, PresetMagician now tries to use the plugin DLL where a specific preset parser is present instead of randomly picking a plugin location.
  • Fixed an issue where some plugins request an information from the PresetMagician VST Host too early, which resulted in a "System.NullReferenceException" error message
  • Fixed an issue where invalid color information within the NI metadata file causes a plugin from not loading.

0.6.0 Alpha (2019-04-06)

Added Features

  • Added a function to easily create Bug Reports, Feature Requests and general support tickets from within PresetMagician
  • Added a function to catch almost all critical errors and allows to report them
  • Added types/characteristics editor
  • Added preset metadata editor
  • Added preview note players to support arbitrary notes when generating audio previews
  • Added several options to configure how PresetMagician generates the directory structure
  • Added options to configure the NKS file overwriting behavior

Vendor-specific preset parsers:

  • Added:
    • Air Music Tech: Boom, Creative FX Collection Plus (28 plugins), DB-33, DB-33FX, Hybrid, Loom, Mini Grand, theRiser, Vacuum, Vacuum2, Velvet, Xpand!2
    • Arturia: Comp FET-76, Comp TUBE-STA, Comp VCA-65
    • D16 Group: LuSH-101
    • Spectrasonics: Omnisphere
  • Changed:
    • Xfer Records Serum: PresetMagician now parses the Serum.cfg file to find additional preset directories

Other Changes

  • Changed the database mechanism to allow all preset metadata loaded at startup, with major performance improvements
  • Plugin metadata is now only loaded once unless the plugin DLL or the PresetMagician version changes (no more two-step analysis required)
  • Many minor bugfixes (sorry, forgot to document them)

0.5.8 Alpha (2019-02-09)


  • Fixed preset data handling for AudioThing plugins
  • Updated presets are now correctly updated in the database
  • Fixed an issue with the plugin merging algorithm

0.5.7 Alpha (2019-02-07)

Added Features

  • Added an error dialog if there's a problem loading additional FXB/FXP files for a plugin


  • The red exclamation mark will show again if something went wrong during analysis
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to report plugins
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to display preset data
  • A crashing plugin during analysis will no longer cause the next plugin's analysis to fail
  • When an error occurs while determining the preset parser, no longer pick exactly that failed preset parser
  • Fixed a potential issue where the wrong standard VST preset parser was picked
  • Additional FXB/FXP files for non-standard VST plugins now ensure that the plugin is loaded prior analysis, this fixes an issue where additional FXB/FXP files would not be analyzed
  • Loading missing metadata is now only attempted once per session (will be changed in a later version to: "Don't try to load metadata if it failed before unless the plugin DLL or the PresetMagician version changed)
  • Skip analysis if metadata loading failed

0.5.6 Alpha (2019-02-06)

Added Features

  • Plugin logging is much more verbose


  • Bugfix for: Additional FXP/FXB files are not loaded
  • Bugfix for: Preset export with individual preset sizes of more than 64kb fail
  • Potential bugfix for: PresetMagician does not start up but hangs at the splash screen

0.5.5 Alpha (2019-02-04)

Added Features

  • Added process-isolated VST processing; crashing VST plugins should no longer crash PresetMagician
  • Added display of the plugin's thumbnail, color and logo in the plugin list
  • Added resource auto-generation (try it! It's awesome!)
  • Added configuration setting to define default MIDI note for previews
  • Added automatic plugin merging if duplicate plugins are present
  • Added quick analysis function
  • Additional FXB/FXP files can now be specified for all plugins
  • It's now possible to add only non-exported presets to the preset export list
  • Presets already exported, but changed in the plugin are marked as non-exported
  • Presets are now stored in a database, where modifications to the preset metadata is retained
  • Vendor-specific preset handlers:
    • Dmitry Sches: Thorn, ThornCM
    • Image Line: Drumaxx, Hardcore, Morphine, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer, ToxicBiohazard
    • MeldaProduction: Probably all plugins
    • ToguAudioLine: TAL Bassline 101, TalDAC, TalDubX, TalMod, TalUNoLXV2
    • ValhallaDSP: ValhallaPlate, ValhallaRoom, ValhallaUberMod, ValhallaVintageVerb


  • Fixed an issue where FXB files wouldn't be displayed in the "Open FXB/FXP file" dialog
  • Fixed an issue where Controller Assignments wouldn't be displayed after an app restart

0.5.4 Alpha (2019-01-09)

Added Features

  • Added function to only analyze selected plugins
  • Added support for NKS effects
  • Added filtering for plugin and preset lists
  • Added support to load FXB/FXP files
  • Added function to edit NKS resources (plugin images/categories)
  • Added function to submit NKS resources online
  • Vendor-specific preset handlers:
    • Arturia
    • 1973-Pre
    • M12 Filter
    • Mini Filter
    • SEM Filter
    • TridA-Pre
    • V76-Pre
    • Audiority
    • Big Goat
    • Blue Face
    • Deleight
    • Distortion 1
    • Echoes T7E
    • FreeMod
    • Grain Space
    • Harmonic Maximizer
    • Polaris
    • Pre X7
    • The Abuser
    • TS1 Transient Shaper
    • Tube Modulator
    • XenoVerb
    • AudioThing
    • Filterjam
    • Fog Convolver
    • Frostbite
    • Megaphone
    • miniVerb
    • Outer Space
    • Phase Motion 2
    • Reels
    • Space Strip
    • Speaker
    • The Orb
    • Type A
    • Valve Exciter
    • Valve Filter VF1
    • Vinyl Strip
    • WaveBox
    • D16 Group
    • Frontier
    • PunchBox (Bugfix for not parsing user presets)
    • Repeater
    • Eiosis
    • AirEQ Premium
    • Deesser
    • Slate Digital
    • FG-X
    • VBC FG-Grey
    • VBC FG-MU
    • VBC FG-Red
    • VBC Rack
    • VerbSuite Classics
    • Virtual Tape Machines
    • Synister
    • u-he
    • ColourCopy
    • Filterscape
    • MFM2
    • Presswerk
    • Protoverb
    • Satin
    • Twangstrom
    • Uhbik
    • Zebrify

0.5.3 Alpha (2019-01-02)

Yet another bugfix release.

  • Fixes an issue with crashing while submitting plugins
  • Fixes the issue with Arturia presets not being scanned due to missing DLL

0.5.2 Alpha (2019-01-02)

Bugfix release: Fixes an issue where plugins are reported after each scan, even if they were reported already.

0.5.1 Alpha (2019-01-02)

Added Features

  • Function to remove selected presets
  • Notification if plugins aren't reported so far
  • Function to set the MIDI preview note for selected presets
  • Function to set the controller assignments for plugins
  • Vendor-specific preset handlers:
    • Arturia
    • Analog Lab 3 (partially, only multi presets currently supported)
    • ARP 2600 V3
    • B-3 V
    • Buchla Easel V
    • Clavinet V
    • CMI V
    • CS-80 V3
    • DX7-V
    • Farfisa V
    • Jup-8 V3
    • Matrix-12 V3
    • Mini V3
    • Modular V3
    • Piano V
    • Piano V2
    • Pigments
    • Prophet V3
    • SEM V2
    • Solina V2
    • Stage-73 V
    • Synclavier V
    • VOX Continental V2
    • Wurli V2


  • Fixed incorrect MIDI note calculation for audio previews (off by 2 octaves)
  • Respects the plugin's initial delay
  • Audio previews should now work again (partially broken in 0.5.0)
  • Fixed messy plugin scanning, where removed plugin directories causes duplicated plugins and VST directories

0.5.0 Alpha (2018-12-27)

Added Features

  • Completely new GUI
  • Logging capability
  • Export with and without audio previews
  • Preset parsers now use type and mode information if available
  • Enable/Disable plugins (useful to disable crashing plugins)
  • Vendor-specific preset handlers:
    • AudioThing
    • Hand Clapper
    • Hats
    • miniBit
    • miniBit CM
    • Latin Percussion
    • SR-88
    • Humanoid Sound Systems
    • Enzyme Computer Music Edition
    • u-he
    • BazilleCM
    • ZebraCM
    • Xfer Records
    • Serum

Known Issues

  • Maschine limits the banks depth to 3; this is not handled so far

0.0.2 Alpha (2018-11-24)

  • Added crash handler so that loading buggy or crashing VST plugins won't crash PresetMagician (note: some crashes are so severe that the crash handler won't work)
  • Internal licensing refactoring, you'll need a new license
  • Added a "Submit unsupported plugin" feature to submit the unsupported plugins to a central database, in order to prioritize plugin support
  • Vendor-specific preset handlers:
    • D16 Group
      • PunchBox (only factory presets so far, no user presets)
    • U-HE (all plugins are supported with user&factory presets):
      • ACE
      • Bazille
      • Diva
      • Hive
      • Podolski
      • Repro-1
      • Repro-5
      • TripleCheese
      • TyrellN6
      • Zebra2
      • Zebralette

0.0.1 Alpha (2018-11-18)

  • Initial Release